Wisconsin’s Largest Raw Products Transporter

Plainfield Trucking in Plainfield, WI, specializes in hauling bulk produce for a number of well-known, established customers. Our most common hauls are potatoes, cranberries, beans, sweet corn, and carrots from the field to the processing plant. We also transport a wide variety of commodities, including fresh, frozen, and FAK throughout the United States.

We offer our drivers a range of transportation opportunities, including daily local hauling, hauling seasonal produce or an extended over the road trip. Our transportation specialists have years of experience dealing with the schedules and needs of drivers. Each employee can expect the time and consideration only personalized attention can give.

Safety is a Way of Life

Plainfield Trucking engages top quality drivers who can provide our customers with the services they have come to expect from our company. Safety is a way of life for our drivers. We strive to employ the safest and most qualified drivers on the road. To maintain our high standards, we are committed to having only the most professional drivers on our team. Driver retention is a top priority. Our company offers an extensive benefits package including health, dental, and vision insurance; safety, performance, longevity, and wellness bonuses; and paid vacation.

About Us

George Zettelmeier and Jesse Ruffalo partnered in 1958 to create Plainfield Trucking, both selling milk routes to buy three semi-tractors. Our corporate operations are headquartered in Plainfield, WI, 22 miles south of Stevens Point and 87 miles due north of Madison, right off the I39 corridor.

In 1995, when George and Jesse considered retirement, they sold their equal shares of the business to George’s daughter, Darlene Thurley, and Jesse’s son, Gregg Ruffalo. As equal partners, Darlene and Gregg worked to modernize the business. Plainfield Trucking, Inc. recently celebrated 58 years in business.

Darlene and Gregg balanced the solid reputation of the company with their new business ideas and had successfully increased profits, kept drivers working year-round, and developed a large client base with a solid number of year-round hauling contracts.

In 2016, Gregg Ruffalo sold his share of the company to his sons, Shannon and Brandon Ruffalo. Together with Darlene Thurley as their partner, the Ruffalo brothers hope to continue expanding the business while remaining true to the original company platform.