Safety Excellence

Plainfield Trucking, Inc. is dedicated to hiring, training and retaining safe drivers. Safety is our number one commitment.

We are a proud recipient of the Wisconsin Corporate Safety Award in the transportation category. The Wisconsin Council of Safety and the Department of Workforce Development selected us as a Grand Award winner. The award is presented to Wisconsin companies in various categories such as manufacturing, construction and transportation.

Our record 730 safe working days without a lost time workers compensation incident is a milestone. Currently in 2016, we are working safely toward meeting and exceeding our record consecutive days without a lost time workers compensation incident. Our employees are rewarded for meeting safety goals every 90 days. Rewards range from safety gifts to steak dinners.

Reward & Incentive Programs

Driver Scorecard/Bonus Program
Earn up to an additional 9% of your wages.

Employee of the Month Program

Driver of the Month Program

Driver of the Year Program
The driver who best meets the award criteria will receive a $500 cash bonus, recognition at our annual safety meeting, and a commemorative plaque.

Criteria for selection include, but are not limited to, safe driving record and number of miles driven.

Years of Service Awards
Participants can earn points for completing our annual wellness program. Participants who successfully complete the program can earn a cash bonus and rewards. Since 2015, spouses of employees have been invited to participate and also earn bonuses.

Shining Stars
Shining stars are employees who demonstrate something above and beyond the call of duty.

Mr. Clean Awards
Drivers who keep their tractors clean and well maintained are nominated for a cleanliness award.

Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association Awards
We nominate our exceptional drivers who meet the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association criteria for the yearly Presidents Safe Driver Award and Driver of the Month award.