Transportation You Can Depend On

Plainfield Trucking in Plainfield, WI, is now considered the largest raw products transporter in the state. We operate 80 over-the-road company units, and contract with additional independent contractors and carriers. Our operating area is coast-to-coast, with the heaviest volume going to the Midwest, South, and West.

We hauled over one billion pounds of produce last year, over half billion pounds were bulk potatoes processed into french fries, frozen food products, and snack foods. Green beans, cranberries, sweet corn, and carrots comprised the other half billion pounds.


Plainfield Trucking acquired ABN Transit (now ABN-Plainfield Trucking, LLC) in June of 2007. Located in Markesan, WI, the new company consists of 25 trucks and boasts a customer base similar to ours. The acquisition made us more efficient and more competitive as it allowed our fleet to grow and cover a broader freight base. ABN-Plainfield Trucking, LLC is also a HAZMAT carrier.

Customer Service

Customer service is a primary focus of our operation. With nearly 60 years in business, we’ve built several large corporate relationships. These accounts have continued to remain strong and beneficial to both sides. Plainfield Trucking generates over $20 million in revenue per year, hauling over 35,000 loads per year, and spots approximately 30,000 loads per year.

We are a very unique, specialized carrier. Our customers have come to rely on us because they know we have the ability to respond to any type of need within a short period of time. We have the experience and knowledge, the equipment and personnel to handle all of your transportation needs. Customers can be assured of prompt pick-ups and on-time deliveries. Safe, efficient drivers and our knowledgeable dispatch staff work with our customers to provide the best services available.

In addition to transporting product, we also provide spotting services to our larger customers. We are involved with the product from the time it is harvested, packaged, and delivered to consumers. Plainfield Trucking is a full service transportation company. The level of service we provide our customers is an essential tool in our marketing strategy due to the “commodity-type” nature of our service. Essentially, we are more than a trucking company to our customers – we are the competitive edge.